SI540: Understanding Networked Computing

Fall 2004 Semester

Placing Out

Some students, especially those who majored in computer science as undergraduates, may find that SI540 contains a lot of material that they know already. If you are not planning to get the IEMP degree designation, you can do a self-assessment to decide whether you will learn enough from SI540 to make it worth taking. The best way to decide is to look through the topics, readings, and homework assignments, which are mostly available on-line, at least in draft form. The on-line syllabus for SI540 is available at

SI540 is a required class for students who wish to get the IEMP designation on their degree. If you want to get the IEMP designation, and would like to place out of SI540, you will need to take a placement exam. If you place out of SI540, you will still need to take 15 credits that count towards IEMP, but you will not need to take SI540.

The next placement exam will be offered on Friday, September 3, 2004 from 2-4PM in room 409. Itís a long, difficult exam, but donít worry abuot it too muchóif you score 30/100 or better, youíll place out of the course.

All the questions on the placement exam are structured around analysis of the MS Passport protocol and alternatives for single-signon. Before taking the exam, you should read the following preparatory materials about the topic:

A sample of a past exam

Please contact the instructor, Paul Resnick <>, if you are interest in taking the placement exam.