See No Evil

Please see the Kaiser Family Foundation site for general information on our study, See No Evil:  How Internet Filters Affect the Search for Online Health Information.

Publications and other documents

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Data and Analysis

The main data set

The main data set includes one row for each site that was tested. Some URLs appear multiple times-- duplicates should be removed for certain kinds of analyses, as was done in the analysis files below. The data dictionary file provides some useful information about how to interpret the columns.

Analysis: stata log files

Cached web sites

Cached copies of the first two levels of web sites, as of the time that searches and filtering were done, are available to researchers who wish to do follow-up analysis. The cache is very large (more than 1GB zipped) and contains both copyrighted and pornographic images, so we are not making it available for general download. Please send email if you have a legitimate research use for this data set, and we will arrange to send it to you.

The Study Team

University of Michigan School of Information

Department of Family Medicine, University of Michigan Medical School and VA Health Services Research and Development Service

University of Michigan Health Media Research Laboratory

Department of Biostatistics, University of Michigan School of Public Health

Kaiser Family Foundation