CIC Jobs and Independent Study Opportunities as of 8/29/00


Augment and upgrade the existing Chico sites for Latino murals, African American heritage. Work with middle school kids and senior citizens to create an interactive web site for sharing of local cultural heritage. Available as course SI 595/695 for 1-3 credits. Also a limited number of positions for hourly work are available. For further information contact: or leave a note in the faculty mail box of Dean Olivia Frost.

Celebrate Native American Culture

How can information technology help support and celebrate culture? Working with Native American Tribal Colleges and reservations, our work explores this question with multiple hands-on projects and a research agenda. For background, see; for further information about volunteer, for-credit projects or paid opportunities, see Prof. Holland (

ACT's Collections and Connections Team

Join a team of students maintaining information collections and using those collections as a focal point for connecting practitioners, funders, and academics. In the past, our collections have focused on community networks ( and on distance-independent learning ( This fall, we'll be focusing on resources for domestic community technology centers, international community information centers, and ePhilanthropy. Contact Prof. Paul Resnick ( or Margot Lyon ( Hourly paid positions available.

Teach Technology to Teens

Develop and run a cybercertification program for 10th through 12th graders at the Flint Public Library on Saturdays from October through December, training them in digital photography and web authoring. In the winter, the Flint teenagers will then teach younger kids how to publish profiles of people they know. For information on last year's somewhat different program, see Three hourly paid positions available. Contact Prof. Joan Durrance (

Who's That?

Photo directories are a powerful way to bring a loosely knit group of people together (sports teams, neighborhood blocks, church groups, alumni clubs, etc.) Join an ongoing research project ( that's figuring out ways to simplify the process of making directories, and measuring their social impacts. Two paid hourly positions are available. One job is to help a group of teenagers at Ann Arbor's Neutral Zone start a business making directories. The other job is to provide direct support to several groups outside Ann Arbor that are making directories. Contact Prof. Paul Resnick (

Most positions that are listed as hourly tend to pay $10-12/hour. Most can also be elected for credit as an independent study instead.